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The Importance of Using Checklists

Posted by Alexander Wolff | Nov 08, 2017 | 0 Comments

Several decades ago, the airline industry suffered from numerous crashes dues to human error in airplane maintenance issues.  The planes were so large, it was impossible to mentally keep track of everything that had to be done to transport people safely without disastrous consequences. 

Somebody came up with a novel idea to used checklists so that each and every maintenance issue could be checked upon constantly, consistently, and safely.   This led to a dramatic decrease in aircraft failures and fatalities.

The medical community has since copied this model and began using checklists, also called guidelines, protocols, or rules, which make the delivery of medical care consistent and more safe.   The checklists developed over time, with input from the entire medical community, and have given healthcare providers security that if the checklist is followed, the delivery of medical care will be safe for the patient.

In our cases, we are always looking at these checklists to see what the healthcare provider did or did not do while providing care to the patient.  In case after case for medical malpractice, we have found major flaws in the provider's care that led to severe injury for the patient, which could have been avoided had the checklist been followed.  Should the doctor have given a particular drug?  Was the correct patient on the operating table for the correct surgery?  Did the doctor rule out what could kill the patient before ruling out what would not?

In nearly all circumstances, had the checklist been followed, the patient would have had a much better result, negligent care would not have been provided, and in wrongful death cases, the patient would still be alive. 

It's hard work but at Wolff & Wolff Trial Lawyers, that's what we do.

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