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The Emotional Trauma of Birth Injuries

Posted by Alexander Wolff | Sep 21, 2017 | 0 Comments

The Emotional Trauma of Birth Injuries

The birth of a child is often the most joyous time in a parent's life, and thankfully most child deliveries go smoothly. But complications can arise during both pregnancy and delivery, potentially resulting in injury to the baby. In fact, almost six out of every 1000 children born in the United States every year suffer from serious birth injuries. Many of these injuries are caused by medical negligence or malpractice or poor prenatal care.

Types of Birth Injuries

Most birth injury situations involve one of two general scenarios

  1. the doctor's failure to assess or respond to conditions during pregnancy or delivery
  2. injuries due to prenatal care, including prescription drugs

In the first scenario, a doctor may fail in specific areas such as:

  • inability to recognize pregnancy disorders like hypertension or gestational diabetes
  • improper use of medical devices such as forceps or vacuum
  • failure to perform a necessary cesarean section

A lawsuit arising from these types of situations will usually include a medical malpractice claim against the physicians, medical personnel and potentially, even a hospital. In the second scenario, improper prenatal care may include:

  • improper labeling of prescription drugs
  • incorrect dose of a medication given under the guidance and supervision of a doctor

A lawsuit from these types of situations where the drug causes the birth injury is usually based on the failure of medical personnel to warn the mother of the risks of taking the drug in question. If this occurred, the drug manufacturer might be held at fault as well as the pharmacist.

Proving Birth Injuries

To be awarded compensation for a birth injury, it must usually be proven that medical providers and/or a pharmaceutical company failed to provide adequate medication or medical advice during pregnancy and/or delivery. These are often complex and highly emotional cases for parents and family members. A qualified and knowledgeable birth injury attorney can provide guidance, expert testimony, investigative services and support during this difficult time.

Experience Counts

At Wolff & Wolff our St. Louis, Missouri office serves the St. Clair, St. Charles and surrounding communities, our expert team understands that these types of cases are disturbing, traumatic and difficult. We are dedicated to eliminating the stress associated with birth injury cases and producing the most advantageous result for our clients that will provide immediate and long-term compensation. Contact our expert team now at (314) 241-2500 to talk to us about your case. We are here to help.

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