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Look Twice Before Crossing the Street—Intersections Pose the Threat of a St. Louis Motorcycle Accident

“Look both ways before you cross the street” is good advice for a child, but it's also a good reminder for adults behind the wheel.

Few people hesitate before driving through an intersection, yet statistics show that intersections are a top location for serious auto accidents. They are even more dangerous for motorcyclists, who have no protection from the impact of a collision with another vehicle. 

Intersections typically involve multiple drivers, all in constant motion. This can be a recipe for disaster. With so many vehicles traveling every which way, it's easy for a small motorcycle to get missed in a blind spot—and hit.

More often than not, it's the other driver who caused the crash by failing to see the motorcycle rider or failing to yield right of way to the motorcyclist. A serious Missouri motorcycle accident can occur when any of the drivers involved:

  • Fails to see another vehicle or pedestrian (a common cause of motorcycle crashes in St. Louis)
  • Misjudges the distance of another vehicle
  • Misjudges the intent of another driver or pedestrian
  • Fails to yield right of way
  • Fails to stop properly at a stop sign

Add the possibility that any one of the drivers going through the intersection could be fatigued, distracted, or drunk, and the danger factor increases greatly.

Left turns in particular seem to cause a lot of confusion and often end in serious crashes. Who would have thought a simple turn could be so dangerous?

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