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What You Are Entitled to Under Missouri Workers' Compensation

Insurance companies and employers have been known to keep employees in the dark when it comes to the benefits that they are entitled to following an on-the-job accident. For example, if you have been injured on the job, you may not have been informed about vocational rehabilitation benefits, compensation for disfigurement and scarring, and settlements for permanent disabilities. You should contact a St. Louis workers' compensation attorney who can explain these benefits and your rights as an injured worker.

Here Are Just Some of the Benefits provided Under Missouri Workers' Compensation Law:

Medical Benefits

When you are injured on the job, you may qualify for workers' compensation benefits that include paid medical treatment. As the injured worker, you do not have to pay for the medical care needed to cure your injuries. Your employer or their insurance company is responsible for paying the medical bills for your injuries, but your employer does have the right to choose your physician, hospital or clinic. If you decide to go to your own doctor, it will be at your own expense.

Payments for Lost Wages

If your work injuries cause you to only miss work temporarily, you may be able to obtain temporary total disability payments. These payments are calculated at two-thirds of your average weekly wage and are available until the doctor says you are able to return to work.

Compensation for Permanent Disability

Once the doctor feels that your condition can improve no further and your injury still affects you, you may qualify for permanent disability. The doctor is the one who will determine if you have a permanent disability, meaning there is nothing else he or she can do to make you better. When you are permanently disabled, your benefits will continue for the rest of your life.

The process for applying for Missouri workers' compensation benefits is complex and many workers are denied benefits. If you have been injured in a work accident, the Law Offices of Alvin Wolff Jr. will make sure you receive all of the benefits in which you are entitled. Contact us today at (314) 241-2500 or toll free (877) 241-1020.