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When Surgery Goes Wrong: Six Common Mistakes That End in Missouri Medical Malpractice

You trust the surgeon to heal you, not to inflict further pain or unnecessary complications. Unfortunately, several things can go wrong in the operating room. Some common reasons for Missouri medical malpractice involving surgery include:

  1. Unnecessary Surgery
    If you were urged to undergo surgery only to later discover that less invasive treatment would have done a better job, you may be able to sue for the additional (and unnecessary) pain that the surgery caused.
  2. Wrong Surgery
    Surgeons occasionally mix up their patients or misunderstand what exactly they are supposed to do. For example, a doctor may unwittingly cast the wrong leg or arm on a young child with a broken limb.
  3. Lost and Found
    If the doctor unknowingly left an item inside your body, such as a surgical tool, you may have to undergo a second surgery to have the item removed. This is not the same as when you expect to go back in to have temporary pins, drains, or stints removed.
  4. Damaging Another Organ
    While surgeons go through years of training to perform delicate procedures, mistakes can happen. You may be eligible for compensation if the surgeon accidentally nicked another organ, causing further damage.
  5. Anesthesia Problems
    While most people do fine with anesthesia, complications can arise, particularly if a patient is given the wrong dose or is given a medication that the anesthesiologist should have known was an allergy. 
  6. Improper Hygiene
    It is crucial that everyone and everything involved in a surgery is properly sterilized to prevent infection. You may have contracted a serious infection that significantly prolonged your recovery if someone in the operating room failed to follow the proper sanitization procedures.

If you suspect that negligence in the operating room lengthened your recovery or introduced additional health issues, you may have a Missouri medical malpractice claim. 

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