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Compartment Syndrome Cases.

Compartment syndrome  is a medical condition  that is a medical emergency requiring immediate surgery. It occurs when  there is added pressure in a muscle “compartment” of the body, or breadth of muscles, usually in the arms, hands, legs, belly and buttocks. The syndrome is  due to an deepening extravasation of fluids that increase the compartment pressures in the affected areas. Symptoms  include out of proportion pain, paresthesia, pallor,  and pulselessness.

Compartmenet syndrome is a medical emergency and usually require  surgery called a faciotomy.  Irreversible tissue damage  can occur and irreversible tissue death can occur in  six hours. If left untreated, cs can advance to  to the point where amputation is needed.   

Compartment syndrome is a condition that requires time of the essence attention or bad things, which are avoidable, can occur.