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Three Good Reasons Why You Should Not Pursue a Missouri Truck Accident Lawsuit on Your Own

You knew when you saw the truck barreling toward you that there was little chance you'd come out of this wreck unscathed.

Similarly, there is little chance that you will win a fair settlement on your own against the big truck companies. Here are three reasons why you might want to consult with an attorney following a St. Louis truck accident:

1. Injuries Are Bigger

It's not a secret that in a crash between a large vehicle and a small vehicle, the smaller one will sustain the most damage. If you've been involved in a collision with a truck, you likely suffered serious injury.

You may even be facing long-term or permanent injury resulting from the crash. When that's the case, you will want to secure a settlement that pays for your future medical expenses as well as your current bills. An attorney can help you put together a medical care plan that will ensure your future medical needs are covered.

2. Defense Is Stronger

It's the classic story of David versus Goliath. When a commercial truck is involved in a Missouri truck accident, the truck company immediately sends out its own investigators to survey the scene of the crash and get any evidence that might clear the company of fault. Having shady investigators on the scene can hurt your chances of getting a fair deal.

The company will also typically have a team of attorneys that immediately puts together a defense should you try to pursue a Missouri personal injury lawsuit. Rest assured, they've already gotten a head start on you.

3. Cause Is Complicated

Because there are so many possible culprits in the case of a truck crash, you can expect each potential defendant to start blaming each other. Since none of their respective insurance companies wants to hand over the money, they will often try to pass the buck to another defendant.

A Missouri truck accident is more complicated and more difficult to win than any other type of auto accident lawsuit. Victims of these accidents victim are typically in more dire need of compensation to pay for serious injuries.

Don't try to fight Goliath on your own. Instead, rely on the knowledge of an experienced St. Louis truck accident lawyer who knows how to navigate the complicated terrain of your case. To request a free consultation with Alvin Wolff, or for your free copy of our book, The Guide On How To Pick a Lawyer, call 877-241-1020 today.