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Why is it better for my treating doctor to testify rather than a hired expert?

Wolff & Wolff Trial Lawyers has conducted several focus groups on this issue where we bring in members of the public and ask them about case issues that we are facing.  We have found through these discussions that in the courtroom, credibility is king.  We have been told countless times that if a treating doctor is not there to testify, they must have had something to say that contradicted what a person's lawyer was trying to argue.  After all, they treated the person, so they would have the best idea of whether an incident or crash actually caused a person's claimed injuries.  

When your treating doctor supports you and your claims, it goes much further than sending you to an expert who will testify for a fee.  Expert doctors who perform independent medical examinations are often considered "hired guns".  Juries are typically suspicious of these hired experts and tend to believe that they will say anything if the price is right.