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Who can be held liable for St. Louis medical malpractice when you’ve been the victim of a wrong-sided surgery?

A person who has been the victim of any medical mistake has the right to pursue a claim of Missouri medical malpractice against the healthcare provider or group responsible for the injury.

In most cases, the primary defendant is the doctor or surgeon providing the care. If you were the victim of an operation where the doctor or surgeon operated on the wrong site, wrong side, or performed the wrong procedure, you will likely want to bring a claim of medical malpractice for your injuries.

However, surgeries involve a lot of other people who may also be partially responsible for your injury. The surgeon is responsible for performing the operation correctly, but several other people may have a part in determining what surgery is done and on which patient.

For example, any of the following people may play a part in deciding which surgery actually takes place on any given patient and where:

  • The admitting personnel responsible for the paperwork
  • Scheduling personnel
  • The technician who reads the X-ray
  • Nurses who pass on critical information to the surgical staff
  • Surgical assistants responsible for prepping the patient
  • And more

Virtually anyone involved in the patient's care before and during the operation may be liable for mistakes made in the operating room. Often times, the patient can sue the entire hospital for significant damages resulting from an operation, but each one of the parties above may and likely do work for a separate corporate entity or business.  Therefore, it is crucial to contact an attorney to make sure that all parties involved and responsible are found and held accountable.

If you or a family member has been the victim of medical malpractice in Missouri, you should speak to an attorney. A skilled St. Louis malpractice lawyer can help you put together a convincing claim against the responsible party or parties. To see how we can help you, call Wolff & Wolff Trial Lawyers at 314-241-2500 for a free consultation or your copy of our book, The Guide on How to Pick a Lawyer.