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What should I do if I suspect the dog that bit me was infected with rabies?

Anyone who has been bitten by a wild animal should seek immediate medical attention. Anyone who has been bitten by a dog should also contact the local authorities to determine if the dog's vaccinations are up to date and what further action needs to be taken.

Because rabies is such a serious disease, most states require that dogs be vaccinated against it. In order to get a dog license in St. Louis, the owner must present proof of rabies vaccination.  Of course, if the dog was not ever registered or if the vaccination lapsed, then it is possible that the dog has become infected. A dog that is most susceptible to contracting rabies is one that is not vaccinated and is allowed to roam freely outside with wild animals.

You should know that dogs are not actually the number one cause of rabies-induced Missouri animal attacks. Wild animals are more likely to carry the deadly disease; most human-contracted rabies cases in the United States are from bat bites.

The only way to diagnose rabies for certain is after an animal has died. Typically, when a dog bites a person, the dog is confined for a certain number of days to see if symptoms of rabies appear. In some cases, the dog may need to be euthanized to determine if rabies was present.

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