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What rights do I have as a bicyclist in Missouri?

In short, you have the same rights—and responsibilities—as automobile drivers on the road. You must follow the law, obey traffic signals, and pay attention to other motorists on the road. In addition, you should know the following rights:

Right to Ride on the Road – Some drivers may not like it. They may get impatient, honk their horns, or rudely yell at you to “Use the sidewalk!” Ignore them. Bicyclists have every right to ride on most streets in St. Louis. State law says you should ride as far to the right as is safe. In other words, you may ride in the middle of the lane if that's safer, even if it means slowing down traffic. 

Right of Way in Designated Lanes – When riding in a designated biking lane, bicyclists have the right of way at all times. This should be common sense, but many drivers think they can cut off a bicyclist as long as they are turning at an intersection. Even in those instances, the driver must yield to any approaching bicyclists.

Right to a Missouri Bicycle Accident Lawyer ­– Don't let the insurance agent trick you when you've been injured in a St. Louis bicycling accident. Often they warn victims against hiring a lawyer claiming that a lawyer will take a huge chunk of the compensation. The truth is that you may end up with more money when you hire an experienced St. Louis bike accident lawyer.

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