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What makes a sports injury case worth pursing?

Playing a sport involves assuming certain risks of the sport.  If you play tennis, you may get hit by the ball off of your opponent's racquet. If you play baseball, you may get hit by a pitch or foul ball.  These are considered assumed risks and typically will not give rise to a claim.  However, if there is a defect on the premises where you are playing a sport and you are injured as a result of that defect, you may have a claim.

For example, recently a bike racer inquired about an injury received when a protective barrier was left unlatched causing a piece of metal to impale his arm when he crashed into it.  He would've been better off without the crash barrier since it enhanced his injury over and above what he would have suffered from had there been no barrier.  Another example is a case we handled involving a young child who was playing on a playground with a basketball hoop in the middle of the play area that did not have a protective cushion surrounding the support pole.  The child went out for a pass and ran into the pole, suffering a terrible concussion.

You may also have a claim if your child is negligently or wrongly mismatched against their opponent.  For example a 100 pound student being told by a teacher or coach to wrestle a 180 pound student would be a mismatch that could lead to severe injury. 

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