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What is cat scratch fever, and how is it related to Missouri cat bites?

Cat scratch disease, commonly referred to as cat scratch fever, is an infectious disease that may result after a person is either bit or scratched by a cat.

The most common symptoms are swelling, tenderness, and pain in the lymph nodes surrounding the site of the bite or scratch. The person affected may also experience general discomfort, may not want to eat, and may have a fever. Headaches and chills are other possible side effects. 

Symptoms can take several days to appear and may last for a few months. Most cases of cat scratch disease in Missouri resolve on their own, while a few require the use of antibiotics.

There are some rare cases in which cat scratch disease can last for up to two years or lead to complications. For example, bites or scratches on or near the face may result in other issues, including a partial loss of vision. 

Complications are more likely if the person who was scratched or bitten has a low immune system. For example, a person with HIV may experience a particular condition that damages the liver and spleen after suffering a Missouri cat bite.

If you or someone you know is one of the unlucky few to be the victim of a serious feline bite in Missouri, you should call an experienced Missouri animal attack lawyer.

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