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How do I prove a case of Missouri medical malpractice?

In order to prove that your doctor or another healthcare provider made a mistake that qualifies for medical malpractice in Missouri, you will likely need to prove three things:

  1. Negligence Just because you're not completely back to normal doesn't necessarily mean that your healthcare team is to blame. Some health conditions are beyond the doctor's ability to heal completely, and she may only be able to make you feel better. 
    For a Missouri medical malpractice case, you will have to prove that the doctor failed to give you adequate care—in other words, that another doctor could have and would have done a better job. This is known as falling below the nationally recognized “standard of care.” 
  2. Cause Next, you will have to prove that the doctor's negligence or a specific mistake caused your current condition. For example, if a doctor misdiagnosed you, then you may have undergone unnecessary treatments that failed to fix the original problem.
  3. Harm Finally, you will need to prove that the doctor's mistake has in fact harmed you. Common complications arising from a specific procedure do not qualify as medical malpractice. However, a significant increase in pain following a medical procedure meant to make you feel better may be a sign of malpractice.

An experienced Missouri medical malpractice lawyer can look at your medical records and listen to your story to determine whether you have a potential case of Missouri medical malpractice. 

Alvin Wolff is familiar with medical malpractice lawsuits in St. Louis and represents such high-profile cases as Regina Turner, a local woman who underwent a botched brain surgery. For more information on how to prove your case, call Alvin Wolff at 314-241-2500.