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How do I know if I am eligible for pain and suffering compensation in relation to my Missouri car accident?

Basically anyone who suffers serious injury in a car accident in Missouri or Illinois is eligible for compensation both for expenses and for pain and suffering.

In calculating your total damages, an insurance company will first award a specific amount of compensation for your actual expenses, such as medical bills and any lost wages.

Next, the adjuster will add in some random amount for “general damages.” Under this heading is typically where you will find compensation for that all-too-subjective category of pain and suffering. Two factors may increase the amount of pain and suffering compensation to which you are entitled:

1. The extent of your injuries

More serious injuries will obviously result in more pain, both physically and emotionally. If you suffered a severe or permanent injury, then you can expect to receive a substantial amount of compensation for your pain and suffering.

2. How much negligence played a factor

Some accidents occur due to a person's honest mistake. Others are due to a person's deliberate actions that leave you in pain. If, for example, the other driver chose to drink and drive, this deliberate negligence will likely result in higher compensation for you.

Because damages awarded for pain and suffering are so subjective, amounts can vary widely. If you've been seriously hurt in a Missouri auto accident, you should speak to a St. Louis car accident lawyer who is experienced in knowing how much your injury is truly worth. For a free initial consultation call Alvin Wolff, Jr., today at 877-241-1020. Be sure to ask for our free informational book, How to Pick a Lawyer.