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How can I get compensation for permanent injuries resulting from a Missouri truck accident?

Truck accidents are notorious for leaving victims with serious, life-altering injuries. In some cases, the victims are able to recover fully after months of medical care and intensive physical therapy.

Unfortunately, it's quite common to have continuing health problems following a serious Missouri truck accident. When that's the case, you deserve to be compensated for any change in your quality of life resulting from a permanent or ongoing injury.

The insurance company may be leaving you “urgent” messages requesting that you settle immediately, but this may not be wise. It's to your benefit to hold off until you know the extent of your injuries and medical costs.

When you've suffered big injury, you deserve big compensation. This is particularly true if you have any injury that requires ongoing medical care or if the accident left you with a permanent disability.

In either case, you may be eligible for a bigger settlement. You, your doctor, and your St. Louis truck accident lawyer should discuss together the compensation you deserve for both your current and expected future medical expenses.

You may request one large lump sum, or you may even be able to negotiate a monthly allotment to help pay for:

  • Future expected doctor visits
  • Future physical therapy visits
  • Future pain medication
  • Loss of income due to disability
  • Lowered quality of life

When you've suffered permanent injury from a St. Louis truck crash, it's important that you get the full amount of compensation you deserve. Trust your financial future to the experience of Alvin Wolff, Jr. For a free consultation or your copy of our guide, How To Pick a Lawyer, call 877-241-1020.