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Do warm weather and summer vacations cause more road rage accidents?

Summer is a wonderful time to spend outdoors. It's the time of cookouts, pool parties, and road trips. Unfortunately, it's also the peak time for road rage. Uncontrollable frustration and irritability can cause drivers to act aggressively and drive dangerously. Therefore, when drivers get “hot under the collar,” you and your family are put at risk for a serious accident.

Although many warm weather factors can increase your risk of an accident, road rage is the most frustrating because it is unexpected, frightening, and easily preventable.

Why Road Rage Increases in the Summer

Many traffic fatalities can be contributed to road rage and aggressive driving accidents, many of which occur between the months of June and October. So why do tempers seem to rise uncontrollably with the temperatures? There are three factors that directly contribute to summer driving rage: psychological, physical, and environmental. Below are a few examples of how hot weather and summer activities can cause drivers to act dangerously reckless.

Psychological Factors

Physical Factors

  • Dehydration
  • Increased adrenaline that provokes fight or flight responses
  • Decreased comfort raises blood pressure
  • Sweating and dehydration can decrease blood sugar, increasing irritability
  • Fatigue

Environmental Factors

  • Increased traffic
  • Construction delays
  • Increased distractions

All of the above factors can cause drivers to make stupid and rash decisions that can put you at risk. This is why it is important to not only keep your cool, but also watch out for signs of rage in the drivers surround you. Summer is supposed to be a time to enjoy yourself—don't allow someone else's temper ruin it for you.