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Construction Site Injuries

Posted by Alvin Wolff | Aug 02, 2018 | 0 Comments

Construction sites by their own definition are organized chaos.   The lights can be bad, every trade has a different job, and nobody is really sure what anybody is doing at any particular time.   

Each worker has an unstated promise to each other person on the job.   I will keep you safe and you will keep me safe.    Contractors have safety manuals and subcontractors are supposed to follow those safety requirements by contract and by OSHA laws.

Many times, a worker will be injured, and safety was brushed aside in favor of doing the job fast and making profits.

We recently settled an elevator fall case where that very fact situation occurred.

The contract and safety manual called for a barrier in front of a wall opening.   The worker in an elevator pit was in a hurry and left the barrier off for his own convenience.   Our client walked into a darkened area and instead of going down a dark hole, found himself in the bottom of the elevator shaft; he fell 5 feet and injured his back and his arm.

He gave a statement saying he wasn't paying attention which was a problem for us if the jury would compare his fault with the other worker.   We had a safety contractor as an expert.    We had a retained orthopedic surgeon to discuss injuries.  We had the defendant dead to wrong with safety violations.

The case settled for a fair amount in mediation.

If you have be injured on a construction site, we will you the same analysis and talent for your and get you the settlement you deserve.   Call Alvin at 314-584-4109 or Alex at 314-584-4108.  It would be our privilege to help you.

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