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Reducing The Margin Of Error In Bike Riding

Posted by Alvin Wolff | Nov 22, 2012 | 0 Comments

The other day I went for a ride with my friend.  As we were leaving the street, my friend came out into a busy highway hugging very closely to the entrance to our subdivision.  I noticed that if another car was coming into our street and also decided to cut a close turn, there would be little margin of error for either the rider or the car driver.

When you are riding your bicycle, I recommend that you keep your turns wide so that you can take evasive action in the unfortunate instance where you are in a position of peril.  Try and make eye contact with car drivers and give them a nod and get a nod back so that you make absolutely certain that you are seen.  This will greatly decrease you chances of a catastrophe.

This year our St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyers handled bicycle wrecks involving a broken hand, a fractured leg, a vebral fracture and a closed head injury.  All separate occurrences!

A lot of people driving cars are not paying attention.  Always leave yourself an out in case you encounter one of these inattentive drivers.  Don't turn a recreational ride into a disaster.

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