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Maryland family sues after son's legs are amputated due to undiagnosed strep

Posted by Alvin Wolff | Nov 04, 2011 | 0 Comments

In a very sad case out of Baltimore, Maryland, a family is suing Baltimore-Washington Medical Center after doctors failed to diagnose their six year old son's strep throat, ultimately leading to the amputation of his legs.  According to a article, the boy came into the hospital with swollen glands and was sent home with nasal congestion and hip strain without anyone ordering a strep throat test.  According to the family attorney Briggs Bedigan, "Despite it being standard safety protocol at all hospitals to do a rapid strep test in such a situation, the doctors never did one."  After being sent home, the strep infection entered the boy's bloodstream and caused a severe infection that attacked his other organs.  In an effort to save the boy's life, doctors at the hospital had to amputate both of his legs.
     Doctors across the country have a responsibility to their patients to ensure that when they come into a hospital for care, they are properly cared for and not harmed further.  When doctors breach their standard of care, patients can be harmed, and in some cases, such a breach can lead to death.  Be sure that when you go to a hospital, that you are asking questions, sharing your thoughts, and ensuring that the doctors are doing everything that they should to rule out life-threatening, then less threatening possibilities.
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