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Jury Selection Talk Given By Alvin Wolff To Legal Services of Eastern Missouri Seminar Attendees

Posted by Alvin Wolff | Jun 25, 2013 | 0 Comments

Striking jurors for cause is a delicate job that requires skills acquired over many years of selecting juries.   Alvin Wolff gave a talk in June 2013 to a St. Louis audience that focused on strikes for cause.  Drawing on his last 2 cases that reached successful Plaintiff's verdicts, Alvin demonstrated several ways to have a juror eliminated from the jury pool when the juror demonstrated bias toward one party before any evidence was heard.   Having selected over 100 juries, Alvin has worked hard on figuring out how to pick juries that will be fair to all sides.  It is hard in this day and age to find jurors that will start a trial with an open mind.   The tort reform debate of recent years has poisoned the minds and hearts of many citizens.  Finding out which jurors cannot be fair at the outside of the case is critical to any success that a Plaintiff may have.  If you are a lawyer and would like help in your voir dire techniques, give Alvin a  call.  He will be happy to listen and give you some tips on how to do a better job. 

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