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How To Prove a Speeding Driver Caused Your St. Louis Accident

Posted by Alvin Wolff | Mar 02, 2013 | 0 Comments

A police officer pulls over a vehicle and asks why the driver was speeding. The quick-thinking driver says, “I was just trying to keep up with the other cars.” The police officer then points out that there aren't other cars nearby. “Yes,” replies the driver. “That's how far behind I am.”

The joke itself is old; unfortunately, the idea of “keeping up” on the road is still as prevalent as ever, despite statistics that speeding causes serious accidents. If you've been hurt in a crash where speeding may have been the culprit, there are ways to prove your suspicion:

  • Your Speed

If you were going the same direction as the vehicle that hit you, you can estimate that driver's speed based on how fast you were going and the discrepancy between your speeds. A driver coming up fast behind you is obviously going faster than you are. Of course, this is your word against his.

  • Eyewitnesses

This is again a she said/he said situation, but if you have eyewitnesses who agree that the other driver appeared to be going notably faster than others on the road, that lends credibility to your story.

  • Skid Marks

Police can estimate the speed of a vehicle involved in a Missouri car crash based on the length of the skid marks leading to the point of impact.

  • Caught!

If perchance a police officer happened to catch the other driver speeding shortly before the accident or if the driver has a history of speeding and several speeding tickets, those facts may help prove your suspicion.

An experienced Missouri car crash lawyer can help you get the evidence you need to show that the driver was speeding at the time of the accident. For more information, including your free copy of The Guide On How To Pick A Lawyer, call Alvin Wolff, Jr., at 877-241-1020.

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