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The Dangers of Pelvic Injury in a Car Crash

Posted by Alvin Wolff | Mar 20, 2015 | 0 Comments

One of the most serious injuries you can sustain in a high-impact collision is a pelvic fracture. In fact, studies have shown that 25% of people killed in car accidents suffered some level of pelvic fracture. Are you prepared to protect your family against the excruciating pain that results from a pelvic injury? Do you know why these injuries are so common? Make sure you know the causes of this all-too-frequent injury so you can keep your family safe and secure.

Accident Factors That Can Contribute to Breaking a Pelvis

Your pelvis is one of the most crucial bone structures in your body. Not only does it protect the delicate organs of the lower abdomen, it also serves as the anchor for the powerful muscles of the hip, thigh and abdomen. Unfortunately, when it comes to car accidents, it is also one of the most vulnerable parts of your body for the following reasons:

  • Shock absorption: when one car collides into another, the impact force travels through the entire vehicle. The horizontal axis of the car acts as a sort of shock absorber, allowing the force to spread across the entirety of the vehicle to lessen its impact. Unfortunately, when sitting, your pelvis is at the exact height of most bumpers and, therefore, the exact height of where the force is trying to spread. This means that when you are in a collision, the majority of the force is going to hit at the exact level of your pelvis, causing a lot of impact damage.
  • Seat belts: although seat belts are essential for safety, the same restraint that may save your life can also cause severe pelvic damage. Belts are meant to keep you in your seat and prevent the force of an impact from throwing you forward. However, when the belt restrains you from being thrown, the belt itself applies the same amount of force to your pelvic region, causing possible fractures.
  • Front impact collisions and dashboard hazards: head-on collisions can do a lot of damage to the occupants of a vehicle, but they are especially traumatic when it comes to your pelvis. The majority of pelvic injuries are sustained as a result of heavy objects being forced toward you in a frontal collision. When seated in front, you have the following dangerous objects to contend with:
    • Airbag.¬†Although a lifesaver, airbags deploy with a great deal of force, some of which is absorbed by your pelvis.
    • Engine.¬†In a collision, the engine could potentially be pushed into the cab, crushing your legs and pelvis.
    • Steering wheel. A dangerous projectile in a collision, the steering wheel can do a great deal of damage to the driver.
    • Dashboard. Passengers who ride with their feet up on the dashboard increase their odds of pelvic, spinal, and facial fractures.

Share Your Experiences

Pelvic fractures can be extremely painful and even fatal depending on the severity of the collision and injury. Given the potential risks involved, do you think cars should have better safety options? In the comment section provided, please share your stories and let us know your thoughts and concerns. We are anxious to hear what you have to say. If you found this article helpful and informative, help us spread the word about pelvic fracture risks by sharing this page on Facebook and Twitter.

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